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Since 2015, Alvaro has assembled a team of the best-trained and dedicated craftsmen in the custom-design industry for his new, exciting LOGA brand. In his illustrious 30-year career, Alvaro has been commissioned by some of the most influential names in real estate, fashion and music, including ultra-luxury home and hotel developer Mohamed Hadid, Paul Marciano, founder of Guess and The Marciano Art Foundation, as well as mega music manager, Troy Carter, among others.

Alvaro has been a key member on the teams of extravagant projects with 200-300 people working on one house. He was part of the design team that built Mr. Hadid’s opulent “Palazzo di Amore” in Bel Air, which was cited as the most expensive residential complex in the United States, listing for $129 million. He worked on the Hadid Group’s massive estate from beginning to end for three years. Mr. Hadid and his team first took notice of Alvaro’s unique talent and vision because of their shared belief in stretching the realm of design possibility.


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