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LOGA founder and creative director, Alvaro Lopez, is far from a traditional carpenter. He is a highly sought-after, prodigious artisan who is commissioned by the most prominent names in real estate, fashion and entertainment, including ultra high-end luxury hotel and super-mansion developer Mohamed Hadid (yes, dad to supermodels Gigi and Bella), Paul Marciano, founder of Guess and the Marciano Art Foundation, and mega music manager, Troy Carter, among others.

LOGA’s demanding, high-profile clients prize Alvaro’s unique vision and meticulously handcrafted work, and consistently look to him to bring their most complex, intricate, imaginative projects come to life with his special blend of woodworking and craftsmanship with art and design that is beyond compare to anyone else in the industry. His clients have immense access and limitless choices, where the sky is the limit, and they seek only the best, and they choose LOGA Carpintería.

One of Alvaro’s clients had a complicated idea that no other craftsman could fully grasp. Together, she and Alvaro drew it out. In 3 hours, what was previously only in her imagination was finally staring back at her on paper. This is the type of first-class, one-on-one customer service a LOGA client can expect.


Since 2015, Alvaro has assembled a team of the best-trained and dedicated craftsmen in the custom-design industry for his new, exciting LOGA brand. In his illustrious 30-year career, Alvaro has been commissioned by some of the most influential names in real estate, fashion and music, including ultra-luxury home and hotel developer Mohamed Hadid, Paul Marciano, founder of Guess and The Marciano Art Foundation, as well as mega music manager, Troy Carter, among others.

Alvaro has been a key member on the teams of extravagant projects with 200-300 people working on one house. He was part of the design team that built Mr. Hadid’s opulent “Palazzo di Amore” in Bel Air, which was cited as the most expensive residential complex in the United States, listing for $129 million. He worked on the Hadid Group’s massive estate from beginning to end for three years. Mr. Hadid and his team first took notice of Alvaro’s unique talent and vision because of their shared belief in stretching the realm of design possibility.


The LOGA team is led by founder and creative director, Alvaro Lopez, a master artisan with 30 years of experience, who has become known in his field as a visionary who can make any challenging project come to life.

More than an expert, more than a craftsman, Alvaro is a woodworking prodigy, who found his passion at just 10 years old while studying under his father—an equally talented wood artisan—in Guanajuato, Mexico, a city so beautiful and renowned worldwide for its architectural marvels that it was declared a World Heritage City. In fact, the state of Guanajuato is so stunning that it has two World Heritage Sites, the other being San Miguel de Allende. Surrounded by so much architectural splendor and master design, it was destiny for Alvaro to become a design-build artist.

By 13, Alvaro was being commissioned to create his own projects. Around this time, Alvaro overheard his father and mother talking about the business opportunities in the United States for skilled carpenters. At that moment, Alvaro knew in his bones that his business goals would be reached in the U.S. At 18, with the dream of America in his pocket, a strong work ethic and a unique skill, Alvaro made it the U.S.

Still a teenager, Alvaro couldn’t get hired in construction or carpentry right away because of his youth, so he worked odd jobs to put a roof over his head, even working as Chinese food cook for nine months. He returned to Mexico to mature a bit, got married and had a child. Still, he had that dream. When he returned to Los Angeles, contractors noticed his skill and distinct vision right away, and the stars aligned when Mohamed Hadid offered him the chance to be part of the design team on many of his luxury home projects, including the home where Michael Jackson last lived. And, the rest, as they say, is history. Today, Alvaro stands proudly as the embodiment of The American Dream.


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