Current trends for custom, highend personal, residential and commercial projectsdemand more from design and artisan professionals than ever before. LOGA has been commissioned to create sumptuous libraries, state-of-the-art home theaters, distinctive fireplaces, and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that are head-turning statement pieces, as well as chic retail spaces that make sure to give an aesthetic experience that customers of luxury goods have come to expect.

At LOGA, a client can expect Alvaro, a master woodsman, who also works with glass, lacquer, bamboo and marble, to sit with them and “mind read” what they want and make it happen. He has the unique gift to visualize and create what the client “sees” and “feels”. Whatever the client has in their imagination, he will bring to life, fulfilling every detail, using only the finest materials.

One of Alvaro’s clients had a complicated idea that no other craftsman could fully grasp. Together, she and Alvaro drew it out. In 3 hours, what was previously only in her imagination was finally staring back at her on paper. This is the type of first-class, one-on-one customer service a LOGA client can expect.


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